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Increase your sales and get your keyboard layout customized according to your client needs.
Our keyboard reprinting service provides all in one solution for your needs. We have the skills and technology to convert keyboards to any language using precision digital printing and spray painting techniques. Our team of professionals are dedicated to meeting all your requirements and ensuring your complete satisfaction.
No matter the brand or model, backlit or normal,  our service has barely any borders. We work with all brands and have hundreds of layout templates to choose from, even for the newest models. Whether you have a normal or functional backlit, 2 in 1, or full laptop, we've got you covered.
Providing a renewed appearance to your laptop as we are not overprinting the top layer. What makes us unique, that in both cases, normal or backlit keyboards, the process starts with a proper removal of the original surface. It will ensure a smooth and long-lasting finish.
We provide a  year warranty for the reprinted surface.

Why do you need keyboard reprint?




  • Everyone's looking for new markets, but the official 24 European languages makes it difficult to expand.
  • Most people purchase keyboards from the far east, but the procedure of them is difficult and time consuming.
  • Not possible to purchase a specific keyboard model for the smaller countries.
  • Keyboards for new laptop models are not available at all.
  • There are laptop models where the keyboard is way too difficult to disassemble and change.
  • In case of the new models a functional backlit keyboard is a standard but for those you cannot use stickers.
  • The whole keyboard exchange will multiply the problems as you need to sell the removed ones and it's hard. In the end the accumulated keyboards are  increasing instead of supporting the circular economy.

What our keyboard printing service offers

Language conversion
Hassle free solution
Full laptop handling in many models
Real solution for all type of backlit keyboards
Low cost
Accommodate to almost any keyboard layout or design
Precision Printing Technology & Techniques
Sustainable alternative to buying new products

What you need to do

Send the keyboards and inform us about your requests, in any questions we are always here to assist.
Email us: and we do the rest.

What we are doing


The first step is keyboard cleaning. We remove the accidental hairs and every type of dirt. We stick down the cables, plugs and electric panels in order to protect from any damages.
A top view of a keyboard with no printing on it.

Surface Cleaning

We clear away the original manufactured layout and polish the plastic keycaps properly to ensure an original look at the end.
A picture taken from the planning of the keyboard layout.


We plan a new printing layout what is precisely the same and punctual like the factory one. Layouts can be customised according to client needs.


The prepared keyboards wound up to printing department. We use high-tech, large resolution digital printers. While printing we take care of piece positioning.
Testing procedure of printing process.

Quality Controlling

After printing we check each keyboard effectively. If we realize any irregularity we will correct and repeat the surface conditioning, printing and quality check.

Sending you back in timely manner

We do have order of arrival, however due to our extended capacity we can hold accurate deadlines. In case of special models production time might change, but before sending all the necessary details will be discussed.

Cost of Service

The prices do not include the transportation of the keyboards. For detailed price offer please contact us!

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Backlit Keyboard



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