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NEWS in our Factory Repaint service

May 27, 2024




Viktoria Balazs

Slowly 3years ago decided we would like to create a new, and unique way of keyboardrelocalization service, a new service what other companies are not offering at all.

The main goal was to find a technic, what reflexes high quality and looks uncannily similar to the original, factory one.

After a long processing, many fails, testing and brain storming by last year we were proud to announce our Factory Repaint service. An outstanding technic, what is a perfect reflexion of the genuine keyboard.

The surface is smooth, matt and simply exquisite.

As first,we offered it in black colour, but it was not enough, from now on we added the ‘Fifty shades of grey’ into our colour scale.

If you are selling high value laptops, Factory Paint is the service of yours!


-         Min.order quantity, 100 pcs. /model