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The proper way of keyboard packing!

August 7, 2023




Balázs Viktória

How to pack properly a keyboard before handing it out to a delivery company is essential but still not known by everyone. Surprisingly often happens upon arrival, after opening a box to find wrongly packed and injured keyboards. We are experienced in keyboard repairs but no one need extra risks or scratches on palmrests etc.

Basic packing tips:

- Don’t use thin carton boxes, instead always the hard ones as the delivery companies placing boxes on top of each other.
- Pack keyboards face to face, as many has screws on the backside.
- Place protection in-between keyboards. Can be bubble wrap or carton paper.
- Especially in case of complete laptops, inside the box line up an additional layer of protection on the sides.
- When ready, use tape all over the box, not just on top. It will help to hold the box together.
- In case of a pallet, use coloured foil and branded tape all over the pallet. In this way easy to recognise if its repacked.

Notebookservice is also trying its best to be part of the recycling system, therefore we implemented a reusable way of keyboard packing. This foldable carton holder protects the keyboards from any damages and at the same time its REducing garbage, can be REcycled and REusable for our clients. We would like to encourage our partners to keep them and use them for their upcoming orders.